Why is all this stuff in french ?!

Dear non-french speaker,

We are very happy you got interested in POS-Tech and got angry when you discovered all our stuff is in french. Your angriness means your despair of not be able to understand what’s happening here. It means you’re … interested in !

What a joy for us.

This website is all in french because we are french and willing to build a very cool application for french business. Maybe for belgians and swiss ones also, but we’re not yet sure. Anyway, we decided to work in french.

But we’re open to the idea of using english in order to have a world-wide community around POS-Tech. For today, may 4th, nobody came to us asking for it. But if you mind mailing us, we can start to talk about it. So don’t hesitate, mail us, say to us we’re just narrow-minded f**king frogs eaters and it will mean to us it’s the time to get word-wide.

Contact us !